Invention 2 Gameplay (PC HD)

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Invention 2 Gameplay | PC Gameplay | Invention 2 Walkthrough | No Commentary | Let’s Play

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Indie Video Game Developer: Falcoware, Atriagames

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13 Comments on “Invention 2 Gameplay (PC HD)”

  1. People in the comment section here are like "this game is shit". Well, you may have forgotten that this game is FREE, so don't expect something with the quality level of a CoD or Battlefield. If you want that just go to the store and open up your purse!
    Plus, it's always good to play oldschool-like games like these. Textures are a bit odd and buildings made a bit childish, but that's nothing that would bother me in a free game.
    Paying 50 bucks a FPS on steam with that quality would have really sucked.

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