JohnnyVlogs: Was Daniel Nations in Indiana on February 13th?

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The police tip line for the Delphi case is 844-459-5786. Tips can also be reported by emailing

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34 Comments on “JohnnyVlogs: Was Daniel Nations in Indiana on February 13th?”

  1. John, I have to say I really appreciate your measured, informed and sensitive approach to all the cases you cover. Following this case from the UK. I hope and pray the parents of these precious daughters find peace, and ultimately, justice. Many Thanks

  2. Here is the possible explanation for what BG is wearing-that has puzzled everyone and brought a multitude of possible explanations-but nothing conclusive. Was checking crime watchers central Indiana FB page-and came upon a fugitive-murderer/rapist,/and mostly homeless guy-with a long rap sheet, Swight Bell, who was recently caught after being on the run for a murder of an elderly woman..I noted the many photos they had of him and noticed he favored hoodies-not one, but he wore two at same time-light and dk grey colored.One was a pullover hoodie and over that he wore a zip up hoodie-the guy likes to layer-likely becasue he seems to be homeless most of time between jail terms.
    This may account for the mysterious white cord/rope/whatever it is on BG's front-around his neck area-that stands out as a bright white in Libby's video. BG was wearing a double hoodie!(?). Not saying Bg is Dwight Bell-but he sure fits the age, height, weight better than Nations…and he was free and homeless in Feb.-he seemed to go between Kentucky and Indiana..
    Anyway, it may be the answer to BG's white wavy looking thing he has in Libby's video of him-may be one of his hoodies, as you cans see the outer hoodie on his neck/back/area. Take a look:

  3. all these reports/even photos, don't prove Nations did this-facts, data, dna, evidence, witnesses who saw him nd gave FBI-the sketch,-what have they said? When Nations checks in for parole meetings-there are cameras/videos and those checking him in-what did videos before and after murders show-in what Nations was wearing and how he looked-did his appearance change?
    All the speculation, rumors, assumptions, presumptions-i've seen, don't put Nations at the Delphi Trail/bridge or even in Delphi. In checking RSO's in Indiana alone-one can find a better match to BG-in age, photos-looks, clothes, than Nations…, also-i noticed some have active warrants out-which means they don't know where they are..
    ISP did say they are checking him out along with about 1,000 others-who look like BG.
    Putting blinders on Nations only-is not a good thing. BG, in his voice, certainly sounded like a man in his 40's, 50's and calm and authoritive-that doesn't sound how Nations is. Nations is just turning 32, never has any LE description put BG that young. In all the photos ive seen on Nations-his clothes are that of a young guy-not the clothes of BG-who's wearing clothes of an older man-
    Truly think if hewas a serious suspect-LE would know that by now-
    Am sure all these tidbits-could fit a lot of the Delphi RSO's, Indiana RSO's as a whole. No rush to judgement-and Becky patty put a plea out there not to do that-as doing that-can ruin a family of a wrongly accused man-and last thing she said they want-is to accuse/convict the wrong man.

  4. I read somewhere that the bridge from Delphi was on private property. Nations told probation he was staying under a bridge. I am wondering if he was staying under the bridge in delphi. If so where was his wife and kid/s? i also wonder if maybe the wife or kids or both were with Nations and was forced to be involved during the abductions maybe even murders cause that would be why 2 teens would be easier to persuade to do what you want if other kids were with him or even an adult female. Not saying Nations is or is not guilty. No one knows yet.

  5. I feel the same way as John: Abby & Libby have been on my mind since I first read about them many months ago now. I don't even understand why this particularly tragedy is the one that's stuck with me over all the others – unfortunately there's certainly been no shortage of similar incidents – but there's just something about these girls… I, obviously, have a pretty strong interest in missing persons + "true crime"-type of stuff so I'm frequently reading/watching videos about other victims yet it has been a rather long while now since a case has affected me as deeply as this one has.

    ugh. poor girls…. and their families, too. I hope they (Abby & Libbys' families) are able to get some of their answers sooner rather than later. This has carried on far too long.

    RIP girls =*(

  6. Happy to help out, John! I really hope we get a quick word out about the outcome of this. It's horrible to say, but I hope it is him, just so the families can start to properly grieve. Either way, this guy needs to be off the streets pronto.

  7. Thanks for the update! I hope it's him, only because it makes my blood boil to imagine the monster who murdered those 2 girls is roaming free. I just found an article that specifically mentioned he said he was living under an Indiana state road 67 bridge, but that to me still doesn't rule out that he could have recently been wandering around the Delphi area, too. I wonder about where his family was during this time? The only thing that really gets me is the fact that this Daniel Nations guy comes off as a total bum, and messy with his crimes and not very intelligent. The way the Delphi murderer did everything came off as more calculated, and that's what really scares me… (Here's a link to the article that mentions specifically him living under an Indiana 67 bridge.)

  8. This guy is building up pretty quickly to be our murderer. Violent and sexual misconduct in the past, homeless, hiking in the area, sees the young girls, a crime of opportunity. With the information we have now I would give it a 90% of chance of him being the murderer. If that is the case, we won't wait too much to see him behind bars for good. If there was sexual intercourse, there is no way they don't have a DNA, they could have semen, skin, hair, so many samples. I feel we will see justice being served very soon.

  9. Sleuths have been following his wifes facebook and various sites and she states she couldnt get hold of him around the date of the murders, in july the day aftet the sketch was released nations left to move to colorado with his wife and kids for a fresh start.. she had recently given birth 6 weeks prior and was asking on some site or other for places to stay and that she had no money and needed baby stuff.. why would you up and move 6 weeks after having a baby and not have set plans. It looked like they were living in the car.

  10. I know he's innocent until proven guilty.. I'm just sitting here thinking to myself if he IS guilty, I'm pretty glad Indiana has the death penalty.

    Those beautiful girls.. thank God they had one another until the end…

  11. The last check-in in Indiana being the day after the Delphi murders makes me sick. You're probably right, John: he very well could have been living in the park, perhaps even underneath that bridge. His clothes in the photo look kind of homeless. My question: what about his wife and kids? Did they start staying with relatives when he moved under the bridge? He was apparently arrested with them in the car, so I'm a little confused there, John. Thanks for the great coverage as always.

  12. I have also read somewhere that his wife had filed for divorce. They left Indiana for Colorado in April to try to make a fresh start. Maybe that is why he was homeless. I believe that in the artist's sketch, that the hat is really a throw-off. But more so than that, is the nose. The artist has the nose looking rather "bulbous" on the end, and if the nose were shortened just a little, I think that the sketch would look exactly like him.

  13. Thanks Jon. The more I hear and see the more it does seem like this man could be involved at least. Glad you mentioned the jowl area. That was throwing me off. The composite looked heavier by far..but black and white versus an actual colored photo makes it harder too..😡😳👼

  14. Look at the way the Delphi suspect was dressed. Try to find one photo of Nations dressed in a similar fashion. Highly unlikely they are the same guy. The Delphi guys is older, more middle class. Nations is a little more trailer park who was homeless at the time. He might be the axe wielding maniac. Might. But he's not the Delphi guy.

  15. Hey there John and all my fellow Brainscratchers! Hope you all have a great week too. I'm hoping with everything I've got that we get the answer this week, it sounds like the police are so close! Please guys, remember the families and friends in your wishes, prayers, vibes etc. If this new lead is getting our collective blood pressure going I can't imagine how the families are feeling right now. Abby and Libby need justice, and I'm praying that this whole process will bring that about. The mugshot is eerily similar and the fact that he showed up for check-in then suddenly vanished is……..interesting timing, if nothing else.

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