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Welcome to Kindergarten! Have fun trying to learn and share…and not die. That’s important too. In a school that’s just not quite right, it’s important to be friendly…and take out those that aren’t.

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21 Comments on “Kindergarten – Steam Game Trailer”

  1. They should do that for the Kindergarten 2 :

    New system :
    – killing : consumn one apple
    – save

    New adults :
    – Language teacher
    – Math teacher
    – Religion teacher
    – Science/physic teacher
    – Sport teacher
    – Policeman
    – nurse

    New child :
    – Whore (Cindy)
    – geek
    – nerd (Monty)
    – emo
    – satanist
    – popular (Jerome)
    – Normal (Lily)
    – Bully (Bugg)
    – Innocent (Billy)
    – Weirdo (Nugget)
    – first-of-the-classroom
    – sportif
    – otaku

  2. I know it's way too early to say this but…

    They have to make another game like a sequel to this cause this game is awesome! Something maybe like: "Elementary School," or "1st Grade." (My Idea:)But this time Lily becomes missing and Billy now becomes the one who needs help and who is sad. So you must find out what the teachers and staff are doing including the new principal.

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