League of Legends Gameplay Trailer by NiceTryIan | Community Collab

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Thanks NiceTryIan for making this new League of Legends gameplay trailer.

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43 Comments on “League of Legends Gameplay Trailer by NiceTryIan | Community Collab”

  1. Dota is for the people there like old School Mona with realistisk grapics and more advanced hero teamfight
    Lol is for people there like Cartoon grapics amd more CC game

  2. I was actually thinking of playing this but by the looks of it, it doesn't have much of a storyline, which is something I NEED to be entertained by a game, so I guess I'll stay playing Blade and Soul

  3. lately i have been facing a lot of bugs in dota..dont want to play anymore..should i quit dota2 and start playing lol…what do u say lol gamers is it worth it?? is it really better than dota2

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