Let’s Hack: ELEX, Ep. 1 – 999,999,999 Elexit! (Game Hacking with Cheat Engine)

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Welcome to my ELEX Let’s Hack series! In this episode, I show you how to use Cheat Engine to give yourself 999,999,999 Elexit (the game’s currency). If you enjoyed this video, give it a thumbs-up and don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks for watching!

18 Comments on “Let’s Hack: ELEX, Ep. 1 – 999,999,999 Elexit! (Game Hacking with Cheat Engine)”

  1. Hey Stephen, would you be so kind to show us how to do this on arrows (for the bow)? I tried doing it as you did with the elexit, but failed^^
    I would really appreciate you showing it.

  2. @6:50 ish (for "noob" viewers) while globalalloc may always allocate at least 16 bytes regardless of what you give it do remember that RCX is an 8 byte register, if you find yourself moving it elsewhere or trying to save memory/symbols by only allocating once and using offsets/labels that can easily cause problems with overwriting values. Personally I'd suggest you either use the proper size even if you'll get more anyways or always use the size you'd expect (if nothing else Dark Byte, or Microsoft, could change how it the default allocation works so that instead of a minimum of 16 bytes it returns something else) or at least use 8 which is the largest single value you are likely to store (double/pointer/8 byte integers).

  3. Really nice Series Stephen, maybe you would try to take a look of deadfrontier? You have nice info in mpgh to begin with, it would be amazing. Thanks and continue making this vids, we all learn a lot!

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