Live/Play 2015 – League of Legends

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Live / Play is a documentary that tells the stories of five different players from around the world, woven together by one unifying passion: League of Legends.

In Sao Paulo, Brazil, Mariana transforms into Mafia Jinx during one of the country’s biggest cosplay competition, while over 10,000 kilometers away, Eyjo battles across Summoner’s Rift on a boat drifting off the coast of Stykkishólmur, Iceland.

In Cairo, Egypt, Amin connects with other cultures through League just as Braeden, a pro League player known as PorpoisePops, hones his skills, practicing up to 12 hours a day, in Los Angeles, USA. Across the globe, robotics hobbyist Yong-Seung displays his latest creation, a massive remote controlled Baron Nashor, at Maker’s Faire in Seoul, South Korea.

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49 Comments on “Live/Play 2015 – League of Legends”

  1. This series and all of the documentary series from League of Legends have been the most inspiring things I have ever seen. Bringing me to tears at times, and making me feel so strangely, but somehow not surprisingly, connected to the people in the videos at times. And they've really shown me that it really is possible to make dreams come true, that I CAN make it. I don't really know how to thank riot and the people who made these videos, but I want from the bottom of my heart to thank them for doing things like this and to keep making these kinds of videos. <3

  2. I love these live/play videos! They really leave me with a warm feeling in my heart. I dont play league that much, but still i can relate and feel these stories :,,,) i really hope they never stop making them, they are so inspirational and well made!!

  3. Hello guys, I'm back from my 600 seconds timeout. During that time I was able to finish my 200 words essay on the topic of Nazi Germany. My thesis is that Hitler & Nazi beliefs are carried on by twitch tv Nazi moderators who like to act as if they themselves were literally Hitler. I think I should score at least 90 out of 100 points for that paper.

  4. I am sorry, but…isn't this overselling the usefulness of this game..i mean..its a game..being a fisherman is more honorable than..a game designer..or even worse..a cosplayer…what does a cosplayer do but regurgitate back a design of some game with some fictional values that adds nothing to the real world. Robots to compete against each other, how about robots to fix the world or something. This is just entertainment. Just cause the crowd is screaming your name don't mean your something..they used to hail Hitler…and burning witches.

    Like life is almost pointless your taking the pointlessness to the next level with this bs. Riot don't give a fuck about its fans, they wanna make you feel like you are amazing, but you're not the one profiting of their bullshit?…I'd like to be proven wrong thanks.

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