Madden 18 Ultimate Team Defense Position Heroes Coming Out Tomorrow – Stats Included for all Players

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Here’s a video showing you the Defensive Position Heroes that are coming out tomorrow for Madden 18 Ultimate Team. Which player do you want to get ? — Watch live at

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29 Comments on “Madden 18 Ultimate Team Defense Position Heroes Coming Out Tomorrow – Stats Included for all Players”

  1. I saved up MLB and SS and now I'm selling those elites back now. Trevethian and Joyner are horrible. At least I sniped these cards and made a profit, but good luck selling those for more than 500k tomorrow…..I bet you can't get 450k for either.

  2. I just want Ha-ha, the LE or the 94 nat punter. A few days ago i made and sold my 94 nat kareem hunt for 85k profit so hopefully I'll make profit from this :/

  3. Pretty underwhelming. I wanted a SS but am worried about the height. Does that really matter? I have 95 Super Bowl Harrison at the moment. I guess Snacks or Gilmore. I’d be happy with Ha Ha too.

  4. Ya these are a bummer, but I like the safeties and the CBs look decent. My SS is only 95 so gotta do that. If I can get a friggen SS hero card. I was so bummed to see only 3 choices for our 94 OVR card. We should get to choose from all. It costs at least 300k to 400k to make them, after all.

  5. Where is Earl Thomas omg And where is Eric Berry And why would they give Von Miller another card I mean I love von Miller cards but he got a 96 replay card I'm hoping to get Malik Jackson or Everson Griffen

  6. Punter!!! YES! YES! YES! YES! Man, I hope I get him in the pack at the end of the D Heroes solos that will come along with. No matter what I get it will be an upgrade though. regardless.

  7. Like a week ago I went and invested in the MLB and CB. I am happy with both Gilmore and Danny. But the defensive potion heroes I hate the only ones I like are Gilmore Danny and Von. No need for haha because you can get Sean Taylor. No need for the SS he looks trash, no need for jimmy smith, Gilmore is better. ROLB is trash. MLB got saved by ST otherwise that card isn't good. Von miller the only good card in here. De can find guys that will do better that are cheaper. DT trash. Offensive potion heroes were way better than defensive position heroes. Just my opinion

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