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MADDEN NFL 18 REVIEW. Madden finally looks like what fans expected a “next-gen” football game to…

30 Comments on “MADDEN NFL 18 REVIEW”

  1. The story is ridiculous to me, I like customization not movie experiences. They are going in the complete wrong direction in my opinion

  2. The player models all look the same. They all look like theyre the same height and players that are lanky (Geronimo Allison) look like buff running backs lol. Ive given up hope of madden ever reaching the heights 2k did more than 10 years ago

  3. Is it me or do some of the field, fans and stadium graphics look like it took a step back? Nothing is really changed but adding long shot to distract us while they still can't figure things out. And I'm a true madden fan I've been playing since 2006 on the GameCube 😂

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