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  1. Anyone saying his pronunciation in wrong, it isn't. He's saying everything correct, however it's very western.
    あか぀き = a-ka-tsu-ki. さすけ = sa-su-ke

  2. I love Naruto Shippuden and watch the show, but sorry, this board game is not fun. It's incredibly thematic, but it's just running back and forth and rolling dice. Nothing else. Bad rolls will lose you the game and eventually you start simply ignoring villages entirely and this is planned before hand so you can gang up later because taking on Akatsuki with less than 3 at a time is incredibly risky. Which isn't that thematic in itself. I was saddened, because I love the show, I wanted to love this, but it's just come up short.

    Just simply liking the source material is not enough to excuse that it's incredibly repetitive and the only decisions you're making constantly are "let this village die or not?"

  3. Didn't have high hopes for this one either, though miniatures and dice looked nice at Gama previews. Going through this review though it built up as a nice game. Looks good.

  4. Hey Nick miss seeing your kick starter segment on dice tower know there was some issue and no need to talk about it, but have you thought of doing a similar segment on your own channel?Β Β  Your kickstarter seg was my favorite on Boardgame break

  5. Fantastic job on the review. Really glad you did, as was very curious when I heard about it, but figured no one would review it. Naruto was the first anime I watched with my sons, so it will always be one of our favorites! Thanks for your hard work!

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