New PUBG Update Now Available On Steam, Here’s What It Does

A new update is on the way to the PC version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Ahead of its full release, patch 10 is now available on PUBG’s test server, and it makes a number of adjustments to the Miramar map and other aspects of the game. [Update: Following a three-hour round of server maintenance, update 10 is now available in the live version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.]

Regarding Miramar, developer PUBG Corp. says it has tweaked the northeastern and northwestern portions of the map to make them “more appealing.” In particular, the oasis can now be found in the northern part of Miramar, and Alcantara village has been added to the northwest. Additional roads, off-road paths, and car spawn locations have also been added to make it easier for players to get into and out of the area.

In addition to that, PUBG Corp. has made an assortment of general gameplay adjustments, particularly to the blue zone. With this update, delay time between blue zones has been decreased, giving players less time between phases. PUBG Corp. has also increased the amount of damage players will take from the seventh, eight, and ninth blue zones. Lastly, all in-game clothing spawns have been removed, although the rate of other item spawns remains unchanged.

PUBG Corp. hasn’t announced exactly when it will roll update 10 over to the live game, but it says it will implement the patch sometime this week if the changes work as the developer intended. In the meantime, you can find the full patch notes for the update on the Steam forums.

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