New Scylla Skin: COG Scylla

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Introducing the newest skin for Scylla: COG Scylla! Subscribe to SMITE on YouTube to unlock Nu Wa, and the YouTube subscriber-exclusive Water Dancer skin, for FREE!:

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43 Comments on “New Scylla Skin: COG Scylla”

  1. I recently bought Scylla and out of all the skins she has this one is the one I like. Sadly…the skin isn't up for sale and it's limited… Any chance you guys at Hi-Rez Studious might put limited skins like this one for sale on SMITE for PS4? Or any giveaway of this skin for me? ;~; I feel so down knowing that all these great limited skins are only being enjoyed by a few while others don't have them. It's such a waste if you ask me.

  2. Hirez plz. Plz do it somhow so we could claim our daily awards online.
    I have somtimes that I cant open Smite but still want to daily reward.
    So is there a way to claim it online/or plz make one
    Like this comment so Hirez sees it.

  3. the skin is here, looks great, the 2 and ulti COG burn marks are awesome, and its rather cheap. i like it.

    if you dont thats cool, dont buy it and dont waste time complaining because it wont change a thing since COG requested this skin.

    win a tornement like swc and your team can pick who you want. thats how it works. move on and lets play more smite.

  4. Those who complain that this is a recolor, that it took no effort or she has too many skins are you really listening to what you say? Can you honestly say that redesigning her abilities and dogs to show like that takes no effort like you do it yourself on your wooden box, or that the team who won either requested this god or carried their game for the finals thus getting the skin, or Hi Rez likes to give them a tribute for enjoying/playing their FREE game?

    I really, really want to put you into the devs shoes and strap you down in the chair and make me an Ymir recolor. I bet it would like a shit that a shit took while having diarrhea shoved down its shit throat coming out of its shit hole. Not to mention that this has to be released in a timely matter where the victory still feels sorta fresh.

    Also have you ever thought about the more you complain on things that are not really problems the more actual problems gets ignored with devs chucking it up as some community rage on that has no real bearing matter? It happened in other online communities and I sincerely hope it won't happen here but devs are people too and sometime they are going to get tired of your shit.

  5. I really like this skin but…

    How does this costs 400 gems, the skin that is created for the SWC winners, and a simple tournament which one TSM won, they get a 600 gem Skin. Which is prob worse lol.

  6. While these bitches are complaining, it would be awesome if there were 5 COG Skins for each player!
    MLCStealth = Scylla
    Andinster = Thor/Ao Kuang
    Jeffhindla = Sylvannus/Athena/Geb
    Barraccudda = Anhur
    Omegatron = Osiris/Guan Yu

  7. Hi-Rez should make 5 COG skins of the gods that COG use during the finals, one for each role. This is because is the team COG Prime who win the Worlds, not just mlc st3alth.

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