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  1. @shadowanubis Oh my gosh, I'll admit I was just laughing out loud at that post, as sick and creepy as it was, haha.In response to it—I have none (continues laughing at the comedic sarcasm).

  2. @RocknRoll7736 Of course we run around completely suited up 24/7 fighting off christian invaders, thats what we do irl son don't be jealous. It's not the fighting thats cool in the game, its the towns and acrobatics but shit, you're just a 1 track kinda guy who likes to shove infant fists up his ass, YEAH BABY! ITS NINJA TIME!

  3. @shadowanubis Hahaha, I bet you and all your little friends wear super awesome cool white hooded cloaks wherever you go and practice your rad ninja moves huh? How dare I offend your precious wittle Assassins Creed, I'm such a jackass…the only game where it takes one button to take on an infinite number of soldiers. Heck, you can take on two dozen templars while eating dinner, smoking a cigarette or pipe, jerking off, or even reading the paper. And if I'm a "corpse" they couldn't watch me die.

  4. @RocknRoll7736 ok you no longer have any say so in anything ever, assassins creed was a horrible heap of garbage? WTF? you deserve to be hung from a rooftop while your family is being raped below your corpse by mutant horses so they can watch you die. FUCK YOU! ASSHOLE!

  5. @RocknRoll7736 Well part of the reason this game's graphics aren't as good is because, 1) This is a MASSIVE rpg, and so the graphics will have to suffer from the size of the game a bit, and 2) The engine this game runs on is ancient.

  6. @PS3andPCgamereviews I understand what everyone's saying about the game being old and all. But it's still ps3. Even though Assassins Creed was a horrible heap of garbage, it still had amazing graphics and came out in 2007. Other ps3 games older than Oblivion had way better graphics as well. Maybe when I've had my fill of Skyrim I'll hop on ebay and pick this one up.

  7. @TheRhymeBoy Ahhh, I see. I just recently got a ps3 and am being careful when buying games since they cost so much more than ps2 one's. I'm hoping Skyrim gets great reviews because if the gameplay is as good as the trailer, it should be awesome. (I've never played Elder Scroll games though so I have little knowledge of how they work or if they get super repetitive).

  8. @TheRhymeBoy Yeah, but Assassins Creed (though a horrible game in my opinion) was made in 2007 and looks great. Regardless, I agree, Skyrim will probably be the first ps3 game I pay full price for, looks pretty amazing.

  9. i think its a perfect review! you don't talk to much like the others do and you don't have a nerdy ass annoying voice like the other guys. Also, who needs to hear more talking all you want to be able to do anyways is see what the game looks like basically, who wants to hear some nerd talk over the whole damn thing? not me! they'll be like, " here i am, im about to go walk in the grass over here to my right." really? stfu with that shit!

  10. @pako51020 Both Fall out and Oblivion will provide more then enough hours of game play to compensate for the cost of 30 USD.

    Buy Oblivion and by the time you finish the game you'll have more then enough money to buy both Fall Out 3 and New vegas. This is assuming Oblivion doesn't take your soul away of course.

  11. 1legomaster:

    Yes, this game is worth getting. It was worth getting when it was released at the full $60 price.
    It is one of the best rpg's that I have played, as it is alot of fun to play and there is alot to do and see in this great game.

    Can't wait for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

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