Observer Review “Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?”

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Karak sits down to give his delayed review for Observer for PS4, PC and Xbox One.
Observer is…

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  1. Interesting to hear the main character's odd manner of speaking is tied to the later plot. I played about 2 hours of it and just couldn't get fully hooked – the jacking-in sequences lasted faaaar too long for my taste. Mostly because I immediately understood "Okay, this is just an excuse to throw jump scares and abstract nonsense into my face, so let's just move this alon– Oh, we're still going. Okay and.. oh, now there's a sneak-around-a-monster sequence.. SIGH!" I just wanted to get back to the investigation. All that and the dialogue lasted way too long – talking to people via their digital peepholes and the leeeeeengthy conversation with the janitor guy – just ate away at my patience until there was nothing left.

    I'll probably find a Let's Play to see how the story ends, but I'd prefer to not have to grind through playing it myself.

  2. Late to the party with this one, it looks surprisingly good & intriguing. Excellent details which show that you get it, some reviewers threw it to the wolves with the typical jaded indifferent attitude, terrific job on it man.

  3. This game is awesome it's so dark and twisted. That's what cyberpunk is about. Blooper Team should be seriously financed cause they could make some serious masterpieces instead of limited walking simulators (although they're awesome). Layers of fear is greate but Observer blows it out of the wather. This is soo good that it reminded me of P.T. (there is even homage to P.T. [apartment 202]) which speak for itself.

  4. Hey Karak, I remember you didn't like the horror aspect of Layers of Fear that much. And also here you said that the horror side of things didn't impress you that much. I personally liked the way the horror or maybe the tension was built in Layers of Fear. It felt to me that they had put some thought into it. I was just wondering now what your favorite horror games were, or more generally in which games you felt like they managed to pull of a way of horror that you liked.

  5. Can anyone explain why hundreds of screenshots are being taken and stored in this folder directory:
    C:UsersAudio Visual ProofAppDataLocalTheObserverSavedScreenshotsWindowsNoEditor
    I don't know what button I'm pressing except for the ScrollLock key on my keyboard to turn SweetFX on and off, plus I'm only using my Xbox1 controller. Nearly 1GB worth of screenshots have been stored twice without even playing for that long. Help! Thanks.

  6. Observer looks some PT type of photorealistic almost,.. So in a sense when you said technically not impressive,.. I have no clue what you are talking about,.. It is also a journey it is really hard to put down,.. but I simply need to stop whole girl Jacking and escaping trough the basement parts,.. I simply cannot finish it today,.. Scared the living daylight out of me,.. Thank you ACG, your recommendations are the best !

  7. Another honest review. I didn't know what to expect from Observer when I saw the gameplay demo a few months back but you gave me a very clear picture of the game. Excellent review.

  8. I'm near the end and absolutely love this title. I'm polish and seeing 80s technology in a game made my Day. I used to have a hoover like this! And the kitchen cabinets with the same finish. Attention to detail is brilliant. And yes there are alot of pigeons in main market sq in Kraków so i can imagine where they spend the night would look similiar in terms of numbers. Terrific stuff! Great review as always.

  9. Karak is the best game reviewer on the interwebs. He breaks it down in way a we actually care about. Useful and pragmatic; when we're spending our $money$, these reviews matter. <3

  10. So should I buy this or Hellblade? They're similar in price and I can only afford one at the moment. I like cyberpunk but people keep raving about Hellblade so I can't make up my mind..

  11. i wonder if this is more of a walking simulator or a game proper… anyone?

    haven't played layers of fear exactly because I thought i'd be something of a walking sim

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