One of the fastest drones of 2016 just got an upgrade. Diatone GT2 2017 review. uavfutures

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diatone gt2 2017 is an amazing racing drone. the gt2 2016 was a total racing machine and the…

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  1. Hey Stu GOODAYYYYY ! Lol , I have ordered this as my 1st quad with a turnigy evolution with IA6C reciever, will this just plug in or will I have to change wires around or do some soldering ? BTW Awesome videos and love your channel , thanks Andy

  2. Complete nube to building a racing drone. Help! What do you mean by "D Sinks"? I have researched online and cannot find what is meant by this. BTW, i have learned so much viewing and look forward to more from UAVfutures. Thanx

  3. i live in a big forest and would like to FPV my bugs about 700 meters into the forest to explore. but i am new to FPV and do not know what will work or what to buy.
    i would like to have an all in one system. any advice on what will work?
    thank you very much.

  4. Do you have any drones you don't fly anymore for beginners? I don't have alot of money, but I've been watch your vids for a long time now. I've really wanted to get into this as a hobby. I'm a full time student and would like to do this as a stress outlet. Keep up the good work.

  5. sped up flight footage is offensive Stewart. Seriously its beneath you. Very Very Disappointed Send me your 2017 Diatone GT2 IMMEDIATELY and hang your head in shame, that was disgraceful…

  6. GDAY STEW ! its not a terribly GDAY for me..! new flyer, and overall novice of this hobby. Glad to be here. Snagged me a Chameleon <3 I had it built RTF by Armattan, with the exclusion of a receiver because i am using a turnigy EVO. Long story short i believed i had it set up correctly. Got it to hover and got everything with betaflight and BLheli setup. My problem comes from my fpv video. i am using eachine goggles 2 and had armattan give me the Aomway 200 already installed. My video is unflyable at this point in time. I can barely get the feed to come up in my goggles theres so much noise. and the picture wont sit still its almost rolling thru the screen. i have done the basics but have been weary as i did not want to do the wrong thing and mess soemthing up. i did change the channel on my vtx could that be something to do with it? Sorry if that sounds confusing or very basic. i do appreciate the help and will update if i can get it working im anxious for my maiden flight.

  7. I was really close to buying one of these myself but a couple of things put me off, mainly the exposed camera as you have mentioned but also, those motors do not look like they will take too many hits. I worry that there is not enough material in the top of the motor and the bell will bend too easily. Plus I could not find any in stock in Australia… Time will tell I guess

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