Pewdiepie Shouted Me Out, Stop Playing Fortnite Mobile in Class, Xbox Banning Offensive Language

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44 Comments on “Pewdiepie Shouted Me Out, Stop Playing Fortnite Mobile in Class, Xbox Banning Offensive Language”

  1. I loved the goldeneye opening theme, I learned it on guitar so I could play it anytime, all the music in that game is amazing, I still sit idle on levels to hear the music lol

  2. I got suspended twice on xbox for saying actual things that could be offensive, then I got suspended fpr 2 weeks because I called someone gay for saying they loved me.

  3. I have first hand experience with kids playing in class, in my English class 3 to 4 kids every single day would play on their phones instead of doing work. And when i told the teacher because i think they should be doing work they got mad at me and called me a snitch.

  4. My algebra teacher said that if anyone is caught playing fortnite in class, they will no longer have a phone/iPad. However, if you’re caught playing Pokémon, you get +.1 credits on your gpa. I have a solid 4.5 gpa now thanks to my algebra teacher

  5. Okay, so Microsoft doesn't want us to curse or use foul language, yet they just released a first party IP that is completely designed around players griefing one another.

  6. >So you can play Fortnite has much has you want in the future

    Ah yes, with jobs, taxes, medical appointments, socializing to keep your lonely soul to not get depressed, cleaning your house and clothes, doing dishes, buying groceries, cooking your own food, dealing with your partner's drama, walk the dog, clean the cat litter, more taxes…Many more sprinkled in the middle.

    Certainly they can play has much they want. : P
    PS: This is satire.

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