Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney #13 – Turnabout Goodbyes ~ Day 2, Trial

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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Part 13
Turnabout Goodbyes
Day 2, Trial


Played by ZSlyzer
Recorded using DeSmuME

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33 Comments on “Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney #13 – Turnabout Goodbyes ~ Day 2, Trial”

  1. I love how the judge manages to come up with different ways to say "Order, order!" I also like how when a witness hears Write's hard evidence, they act like they've been punched.

  2. Okay so I'm at 50:49 and I've got a thing yeah

    So it couldn't have been Edgeworth who shot the man, because in the enlarged photo the person holding the gun is holding it in his left hand. Edgeworth's gun is evidence, and in the description it mentions that it has his right hands fingerprints. So that wasn't edgeworth, he didn't shoot the victim.

    nice I was right

  3. geeze that karma guy is just bitch slapping everyone in that courtroom oh and obviously edgeworth didn't do it, the perp in the enlarged photo is holding the gun with his left hand while edgey was holding the gun with his right

  4. Okay lemme state my opinion. I think it was second hand suicide. Yes, Edgeworth fired the gun, but he was complying with the victims request. he may have switched hands while shooting? I'm not sure about the right hand fingerprint sort yet, but that is my view on the matter.

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