Pikachu Fights In A Real-Life Dance Battle In New Pokemon Video

A new expansion for the Pokemon TCG recently launched, and to celebrate, there’s a new video of a Pikachu horde fighting in a battle. A dance battle.

In the video, a group of life-size Pikachu dance their way to victory against Team Skull, the antagonists of Pokemon Sun and Moon. Watch it below.

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The Sun and Moon Burning Shadows expansion includes a Guzma supporter card, which was popular at last weekend’s Pokemon World Championships. The leader of Team Skull allows you to switch one of your opponent’s benched Pokemon with the Pokemon they currently have active in play–and in turn, you switch your own Pokemon as well.

Burning Shadows was released on August 4. The next TCG expansion, Shining Legends, is coming October 6 and will add over 75 cards to the Sun and Moon set.

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