Raiden IV Review (XBOX 360)

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The classic shooter series finally lands stateside! SWAG review Raiden IV for the XBOX 360. …

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  1. Cont'd. The inability for most critics and gamers in the West to understand and appreciate gaming's oldest genre, that is still evolving to this day in terms of mechanics and scoring systems is why we'll never see the majority of the finest Japanese shooters released over here. "You'll have a few hours of fun with it." LOL Continue to have fun with Pixeljunk Shooter and Geometry Wars everyone!

  2. Really tired of the 'this should have been a download' argument. We should value retail releases of games like Raiden IV. Playing the levels over and over again to master the game and get the highest possible score, eventually clearing it on one credit, is the point of a shoot 'em up. That's what gives them value beyond 60+ hour rpg's. Don't even bother playing shoot 'em ups if not in this way, because you'll never be able to appreciate and understand them.

  3. I like the fact that this is on disc, but I do agree the original asking price was too high. Especially considering Fighters Aces was $20. Fantastic game though, and I am glad I spent the money on it. Brings back the feel of Raiden 1 and 2. Raiden 3, while still fun, is the black sheep of the series.

  4. Thanks for reviewing this. The soundtrack was a great improvement over 3, because it was 1/2 remixes from Raiden 2.

    Anyway, thanks for the review. It makes me happy to know that there are people out there that respect the unknown arcade legends

  5. So the limited edition is 40$. Is there also like a regular edition without the soundtrack, that's possibly cheaper? I haven't been able 2 find Raiden IV at all yet.

  6. I've never actually played any Raiden games… or any games like it for that matter. I suddenly feel like I've commited a gaming deadly sin or something. xD

    I can;t believe I missed on a great series like this.

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