Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Review by IGN

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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas 2 video review for Xbox 360 by Nate Ahearn, IGN Xbox team

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  1. seriously dude are you trolling? I played all the Tom Clancy series FPS dating back to Rogue Spear in the 90's. The only game series that can even be compared to Vegas 2 is BATTLEFIELD 1 – 4. Not to mention THE DIVISION. I tried playing Black Ops but its SUPER ROOKIE caliber.. Why don't you step your game up and play Vegas 2. Which is 2 games in 1. You get the actual Vegas Missions plus a bonus 17 extra missions unrelated to Vegas 2. You'll be denying you even wrote that baloney to me.

  2. don't want to start and argument but anytime expletives like f*ck off are used. It's safe to say the person disagrees. why are they comparing it to cod is self explanatory, it's a first person shooter

  3. thats contradicting yourself isn't it? if RBSV2 sucks so much, why do you own a copy?? lol I don't own COD, the characters are too generic…run duck throw a grenade shoot. The character on Vegas 2 can reach behind his back around a corner wall and fire a pistol with 1 hand. COD is nowhere in the stratosphere. Please do explain how COD hand even hold a burnt match to Vegas 2.

  4. They didnt mention the character custimization! Wtf? The custimization system is one of the best system to date. Why didnt cod and bf pit effort character customization. Still great games and vegas 2… im still playing it:D

  5. @coldeed Bullshit…..WaW was reficulous on vet and the others weren't easy but not nearly as fucking frustrating. The only difficulty this game has on normal is shotgun enemies, its harder than normal on CoD but faaaaaar easier than vet on CoD.

  6. What a terrific, great game. Me and my brother still play through the campaign , couch co op style. My girlfriend is getting in to it also. Another oppertunity to play! What a dream come true when you get your girlfriend to get into hardcore gaming (if not already, that is

  7. yes! Exactly. Also don't think this guy knows you can hit select and your partners will only shoot if fired at. While this option is on your team will stay put and you wont have the problem he stated of them moving in your way during battle. Its also great fun during alot of segments if you place them in a corner on return fire only and you go at everytthing alone. Of course i would only do this after playing through it once.

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