33 Comments on “RAMPAGE – MOVIE REVIEW and Easter Eggs RANTS (Black Nerd)”

  1. B/W me: I have this very serious, very long message for Andre…
    Technicolor me: This video is about Rampage, a movie of CGI monsters destroying cities. No need for that.

  2. OK…. so… I feel like I have to say this…. I hate how Jeffrey D Morgan acts sometimes…. like in this and in walking dead. Yes, I admit, he is a handsome man… however, in real life I would be asking…. why are you moving around so much? Is there something wrong with you? Also why are you talking like everything is a run on sentence….? Also I'm not going to go see it, I'm going to wait until it comes out on TV or something.

  3. Good REVIEW. I'd REALLY LIKE TO KNOW…What was the OTHER Arcade Machine in the BACKGROUND—One was the game RAMPAGE so WHAT WAS THE OTHER MACHINE, DEFENDER? maybe because the same guy made both games. Or??? What Donkey Kong, Pac Man? I GOTS to know! There are quite a few realistic-lookin' scenes in this weak plot but fun movie. Curious about George?

  4. 04:28 = "I'm going to lean like this every chance I get, to the point that you think maybe the tripod is broken." = HILARIOUS! I actually laughed out loud. I had to pause the video, just so I could finish laughing.

  5. Rampage was freaking awesome, had some awesome moments but giving back story’s to everyone? I don’t care! I just wanna just some big monster bad ass looking dudes tear down some buildings, kill and eat some people and blow up military shit up. The end of the movie, when George the ape starts helping people, the hell!? He just killed and destroyed buildings but because he helped kill some monsters his alright now, no ‘maybe i shouldn’t go near this thing because it literally just took down half a city’? Ok rampage, cut back on the story bs and give us some destruction

  6. Andre this is the first time a movie based on a videogame is great and U and I are on the same page this was not the kind of movie I expected it to be it was so great I almost cried.🐺🐊🐵

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