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  1. Yeah but they arent zombies, so it makes sense, the games info files explain that they retain all basic and advanced motor functions. Yeah and Dead Space isnt that great either. It has good gameplay and all, BUT some things that kill you just arent fair, you just die from things you didnt know could kill you on a first playthrough.

  2. Yeah that's right, because they said the game was supposed to have gone through an evolution yet they still have the same shitty controls.. I mean the game isn't horrible but it isn't as high rates as most people give… Once I seen zombies on motorcycles and holding laser sighted machine guns I just laughed and played through the shit… This game has nothing on Dead Space… Unfortunately RE series has run it's course…

  3. seriously why are we fighting about the game some peeps like it and some peeps hate it if u enjoy it who gives a shit if u dont like it. all u people wineing about fan boys, if you acually fight about it im sorry but u are a fan boy…

  4. Agreed… Resident Evil 5 is just the same old thing… To me it's like Resident Evil 4 but in Africa lol… To me Dead Space sent the new standard for this genre… They talk about all the innovation with this game, yet it still has the same shitty controls it's had forever… Can't run and shoot at the same time… Blah Blah Blah lol

  5. I have both a 360 and a PS3 and I gotta say the games I have for both systems are, in my opinion, far better on the 360.
    I love both my systems, but for multi platform games 360 wins for me.

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