Saquon Barkley & Bradley Chubb’s Journey from Combine Prep to the 2018 NFL Draft | Hey Rookie | NFLN

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Follow 2018 NFL Rookies Saquon Barkley, and Bradley Chubb from the time they prepare for the NFL Combine all the way to the night their dreams come true at the 2018 NFL Draft in the latest episode of “Hey Rookie: Welcome to the NFL.”

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42 Comments on “Saquon Barkley & Bradley Chubb’s Journey from Combine Prep to the 2018 NFL Draft | Hey Rookie | NFLN”

  1. Tha part Chubbs was suppose too come to Giants.u could see it wen he walked up steps at draft he wanted to be gmen he didn't want too go too Broco.wish he would came to Big Blu wrecking crew.he would have been another jpp.I no he sitting back like dam I would have been 🌟 in NYC.Aka stone Ebbets fields finest BK dodger 4 life.

  2. It’s kind of crazy to see how slim RGIII looks next to Saquon, I met him in Vegas and RGIII isn’t small . Barkley is built like a superhero lol

  3. I really like this documentation. So good to see those two guys succeed. I hope that both of them will have great careers and maybe face off in a Super Bowl someday…

  4. Living in Florida seeing a gator in a body of water anymore doesn't phase me or scare me. I don't care about being "eaten" anymore cause I know it's not going to happen

  5. I love how humble both of them guys are…got a good head on their shoulders…can’t wait from Chubb to prove he’s one of the best pass rushers in the league pretty soon and Saquon is a special talent that will torment defenses for the next decade or so

  6. Well put together!!! This was a great video!! Made u feel like u were right next to saquan in Chubb the whole time….But any way!!! Bronco Country 4 life… ELWAY B 1983

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