Sennheiser Headset PC 333D 7.1 Review

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Hey guys,

today I review the high class headset Sennheiser PC333D with a couple of interesting…

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  1. Awesome video. I was considering buying this headset and, unlike most reviews, your video gave me all the information I needed. Thanks, and keep up the good work!

  2. Wow. I thought to myself "the earpieces don't look that small", I was wrong, can't even fit my ears inside them at all. They are SO MUCH SMALLER THEN THEY LOOK. The audio quality is absolute garbage, going from 558's to these, these sound like $10 headphones bought from a supermarket, tinny as fuck. The "3D" effect literally does nothing other then add a bit of echo. You'd think you could trust sennheiser to deliver a quality product even at the worst of times, but these headphones are just terrible, every piece of advertising on the official website about them is blatantly fraudulent. I got these for $120 when the RRP is like $280 and I still feel massively ripped off. Holy shit these headphones are bad.

  3. So let me just ask you. What headset do you recommend for me? Must have strong base, must have everything need for quality gaming with surround sound. Must have an good quality mic. I do not have a sound card at this time other then the on board sound card. But if the combination sound card and head phone is what you recommmend that is fine. You can help me sift through all the headphones out there, and I would be very gratefull

  4. Gday
    Thank you for your review. I value your opinion. I am looking for a good usb 7.1 gaming headset for a mITX PC build. What product would you recommend. I am interested in both the multi speaker or the simulated 7.1
    thankyou Bob

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