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  1. +Jimmeyred Compared to today's headsets and microphones, it's probably on the lower end of the scale. If you look at my newer videos, I think we can agree that the sound quality has improved drastically and all I use now is my iPhone voice memo feature, which would even work well for live comms with a bit of editing. I'd say look towards a different set of headphones, but as to which one, my only suggestion would probably be Astros.

  2. Thanks for the review! Your reviews are always helpful, and fairly thorough, that said, I was wondering on the sound quality of the microphone, how would you say it compares to other headsets in that price bracket? I do YouTube as a hobby and would like a headset with a half decent mic, so any info would be helpful. Thanks!

  3. The U320 doesn't have a mic in cord. Its' microphone is linked through the same USB port as the sound so all you need is a free USB port and you're good to go 🙂

  4. i bought myself a kinda new sennheiser hd595 and they're perfect =) , i had to buy a clip on mic though which isn't really much of a big deal because i usually use skype on laptop when playing on ps3.

  5. On a second look, there is a slight hissing noise, but nothing that's noticeable without first removing the headset and then putting it back on. Quite honestly, after the first hour or so of using it you won't notice it at all.

  6. hi, you know since its amplified do these headsets have that background noise or hiss when there is no sound playing. I know this is a problem with my PX21 which also an amplified headset and i'm pretty sure all the other turtle beaches are like that too. I am really hating that hissing noise and looking for a different headset.

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