Sly 4 Thieves In Time Un-Nostalgic Review And In Depth Story Analysis | The Worst In The Series

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  1. This review is just gold. It's as good as clementj642s review of Sonic 06. Only difference being that Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time is fairly good gameplay wise for the most part with a crap story that can sour the overall experience, while Sonic 06 is just a crap game with very little in the way of redeeming qualities about it.

  2. My problem with Sly 4 is this: Clockwork isn't a villain in it. Don't get me wrong, if Le Paradox wasn't a lack-luster villain, Clockwork wouldn't have been needed. Paradox would have brought Clockwork into the plot because of their hatred of the Cooper gang. Have Clockwork built up by the end of the 3rd act, by the time he is brought back after Murray beats Grizz, Clockwork flys in, everyone shits themselves, and everyone scrambles to leave while Clockwork contemplates his next move. Like, he turns to Bob and goes "I COULD kill the Cooper family at the source with you 'Bob,' but I want to show them that I can become better than all of them at their best."
    One best way Clockwork can be built up is, in level 2, when the armadillo throws Tennessee's cane up, and you see a shadow that looks VERY familiar come down and a pair of claws take the cane and everyone is like "well, THAT looked familiar." When everyone is on their way to level 3, but Clockwork comes up and starts fucking with the van, but no one knows who the unseen foe is. See the reveal, and everyone is all "oh shit, Clockwork, how are we going to deal with him? We barely got rid of him the LAST time." With the help of Clockwork, the inside intelligence of Penelope, who would have been better if she was brainwashed or something or there was a misunderstanding, the trio gives EVERYONE a hard time. Clockwork works with Penelope to take the gang out in level 4, but after their defeat, Penelope is all "what's going on? I was working with Bentley, I saw a pair of glowing yellow eyes, and then I was here." Something like that would have made the game better. Plus with the time-machine plot holes, you could boil it down to poor wording.

  3. Sanzaru: "Lawl. You thought you were getting sly 5. Sorry but we're leaving you on yet another cliff hanger to work on Sonic Boom"

    And look how that turned out….

  4. In my case with carmelita though…I never liked her.
    I found her pretty boring in best cases,and irritating at the worst.
    Her anger towards sly I found super hypocritical in this game because she lied about who he was when he pretended to have amnesia.
    Not to mention if a you feel like you have to give up your calling just to satisfy some one else's standards.
    Then I say Fuck them.
    Carmelita always came off as selfish to me.
    And her design…UGH.
    What kind of cop would wear that!? You have all your vitals exposed with that get up!

  5. What about the scene where Carmelita bellydances? Surely that makes up for the low-quality-fanfiction of the entire game.

    Is it fan-service?, yes.

    Is it furry fandom fan-service? Yes.

    Is it sexy furry fandom fan-service??? YES

  6. Fantastic analysis. Won’t lie I turned my brain off when I played TIT for the first time 5 years ago when I got it, but even I thought that the fact that Sly just wanted to go back to his old life out of an “itch” was odd as well as him and Carmelita going back to the whole “cops and robbers” schtick. I was shocked at first when it was revealed that Penelope was the black knight but even having my brain turned off I couldn’t understand why she would just want to conquer the world all of a sudden and I thought that was bad writing. Also the final battle with LeParadox was garbage.

    Your own story was definitely better than what Sanzaru came up with. Shame they won’t continue the series. I’ve been a fan since 2004. I borrowed a copy of the first game, I bought Sly 2 right when it came out, Sly 3 a year after it came out and Sly 4 right when it came out 5 years ago, played it twice before embarking on a 2 year stint as a missionary for my church. I love this series to pieces. Heck I’m almost 25 and I’d watch the heck out of a tv show if they made one.

  7. Man, your re-write was pretty great and you have a good understanding of where the characters should be at mentally and emotionally at this point in there lives. Really makes me dislike this game the more I think about it.

  8. I always loved this game, but at the same time I always felt like there was always something off; specifically with the characters. This review finally made me realize what that thing was. Thanks for this! 😀 it’s still hard for me to hate this game because of the gameplay and environments, but now I realize that the original trilogy had those two things and everything else done to near perfection.

  9. "Badly written fanfiction"
    LOL alright then.

    But seriously though, saying the game's story is nothing but terrible with nothing good in it is really stretching it I think. Can you really call a game bad because the story isn't great and that the gameplay is very much like the originals?

  10. Fan fiction. Depending on the writers it could be meh, great or gosh awful. I've been writing my own Pokemon story and my science teacher says it sounds like Im writing the script for a Pokemon game(Heck the only rewrite I have for my first written part of it is an intro sequence that plays out like the games which serves the purpose of segwaying into the Indigo league theme. Oh and I have the protagonist and rival be brothers because I thought that would make an interesting relationship for the rivalry.). I only really said this because of the part where you said this games story sounds like bad fan fiction.

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