Stardew Valley XBOX/PS4 Cheat codes discovered

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Confirmed working! Stardew Valley Xbox One Cheat codes!
All you have to do is name yourself, your children or your animals an item ID and any time that name is mentioned you cash in!

Item ID’s:
DangerouslyFunny’s video:

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  1. New Sub here!!!
    This also works on the PS4. We have tried this out and confirmed it. Also on certain days the bar tender will say your name repeatedly. You can do this up to 264 times. It won't let you go any higher. And if you "wash, rinse, repeat" the animals more than once a day the game will glitch and turn off. (example; buy chicken, name chicken, until coop is full, sell chickens, buy chickens, name chickens, glitch…)

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