Supercar Challenge and Top Race Review for PS3 and PC

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presents our 51st Episode of Inside Sim Racing. On this show we…

46 Comments on “Supercar Challenge and Top Race Review for PS3 and PC”

  1. video game reviews should be done by nerds, not freakin beautiful women like Jessica Lopez…. all my attention is on her i cant pay attention to the point of the video.

  2. SCC has had a few good patches, its most recent in March 2010 which has dramatically changed the way the physics behave and the cars handling, the AI legend level has also been made far more difficult. Cars oversteer far better, and the weight transfer feel fantastic. Its certainly worth checking out again srt?

  3. Like I posted above.. bug infested.. Dude.. we don't drive with the aids on.. come on.. It's got some decent qualities to it.. but overall, this title was a failure.
    Maybe you and "alang" can arrange for a little showdown.. "Complaining viewer versus the reviewer that can't drive. "


  4. Supercar is bug infested.. You would think after their Ferrari Challenge failure, they would get it right with Supercar.. We really looked forward to this title, but it's full of bugs.. It does have some qualities.. But compared to Forza, iRacing, or even GT5P, this title is weak.. It does have decent FFB, but that doesn't make a title.. Anytime you'd like to go up against this "reviewer".. Hit me up.. I'll even run against you in SCC anytime.


  5. Anyone know where I can get a copy of SCC for PS3 in the USA? I looked at the official SCC site, the system3 site, everywhere. . .and I kept getting the idea that SCC is released only in Europe, without any info about the ETA for the U.S. Amazon doesn't have it. Is it released yet in the U.S? If so, where can I get it? Thanks.

  6. Poor review of SCC imo, turn off the driving aids, then try complaining bout the physics, Also the Forcefeedback is strong, infact i had to turn it down to low because my room was shaking.

    Try it with a Logitech wheel its a different game.

  7. guys you are doing a wonderful job with SRT, keep it up. Also, nice new look of the girl. The thing is that it just keeps me from looking at the nice hardware you have in there…

  8. The sound on that real life video is distorted and heavily compressed, and the first frequecies to go with compression are the very high ones. iRacing wouldn't put the tranny whine on there for no reason, they had access to the real car and took many recordings of it, including from the position of the drivers helmet.

    Some iRacing sounds aren't great, but I'm yet to see anyone on the forums criticise the Dallara sound.

  9. You don't hear the whistle in real onboard footages, iracing messed up, and face it, sounds are iracing's weak spot.


    Compare those two. Iracing could've done much better.

  10. Oh, okay, I knew I recognized the video interface but mistook it for the Popcorn Hour video player. Yeah, the Frankenwheel is great! I think the FFB is stronger somehow- maybe the driver works better w/ the PWTS hardware or something? Anyway, if you are ever in the DC area, especially if you fly into Dulles at anytime, be sure to let me know and I'd be happy to show you the setup as I'm only a few min from the airport. In Nvidia stereo 3D it's amazing!

  11. I think the whole game is overall far better than 57,3.
    With a DFP it feels really nice, and I must say I've enjoyed a lot the story mode.
    I can't understand how Superstars V8 Racing, which is RUBBISH got a 59, and Supercar Challenge, which is WAY BETTER in everything gets only a 57,3.
    Ok, we all agree Jessica is very cool, but we also want to see good games reviews.

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