The Grinch (PS1/DC/PC) 2000 Game Trailer

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DISCLAIMER: The footage and audio weren’t owned by me, they were owned by these owners.
1.) Dr. Seuss
2.) Universal Interactive Studios
3.) Konami
This is the official game trailer for the game, The Grinch. It’s the game with the same plot and title from the movie. It even follows the same plot of the book as well.
This is the only link I disclaimed:

In the meantime, my version of this game is simply when my character, The Golden Ghost, the Grinch’s henchman is a playable character in 2-player co-op. He’ll simply attack whos with his red lightsaber while wearing a Darth Vader mask from Star Wars episodes IV to VI. Just simply hold down X to get him to fly up, Square for his BOO! attack/Lightsaber swings as his Darth Vader ego, Circle button to change into his Darth Vader mask, and Triangle for his first person camera mode so he can spy on people.

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  1. this is a good game I remember How I played it on my PS1 now you can`t find it anywhere all the downloads are software and we all know that software is 100% virus and I don`t whana that

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