23 Comments on “The History of the Woodstock Festival”

  1. History: "Once upon a time there was a thing called Military Intelligencia (it was an illegal agency and criminal), it did bad things that were called Social Engineering. They made something called LSD and made damn sure they got it out into the populace in mass. They made a Schitzophrenogen pass off as "Mind Expansion" and "God Consiousness", the masses were easily fooled, and fell for it. The MI5/MI6 and the CIA had the generation exactly where they wanted them… thinking they were free and expanded, when in fact they were drugged and disabled to take down the very agencies that Engineered their illusoral freedom. Yes, history. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3i4ALdMSt0

  2. …..and all the Baby Boomers grew up to become the most SELFISH, HYPOCRITICAL & DESTRUCTIVE generation in the history of America. They went out into their "adult" lives & became corporate execs who destroyed many an industry , lawyers who caused the greatest turn of private sector insurance & litigious cases to change society into ambulance chasing & lawsuit conscious mess, psychologists who are more mentally ill than their patients, pharma industry sychophants & multitudes of Democrats who voted for politicians who embodied the very thing they all protested against in the 60's – oh, and radical professors who hate America ……..the end.

  3. INNOCENCE??? (Look closer where did it took us ? ) Celebration of SATAN ( the deceiver) and FALSE FREEDOM ( abuse of ALKOHOL, DRUGS and CHEAP SEX ). Another words: SODOMA and GOMORAH if you  read the BIBLE.

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