The Incredibles and The Incredibles Rise of the Underminer Game Review- The Game Gear Heads

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It’s time to finally put this four month hiatus to an end. It’s time to look at The Incredibles…

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  1. These were the first two games I ever played too! I loved the hell out of them when I was little. I haven’t played these games in years now, but I’ve thought about getting Xbox copies to play on my 360 to relive some memories.

  2. I feel like strict deadlines really hurt the development of these games, and with even just an extension of a few months, we would have gotten a more high quality product from both of these entries.

  3. I have mixed memories of I:RotU.

    Throughout the game, you can notice that you start with weak robots that slowly upgrade in both design and power, which i like. However, It's after the Mangomizer that they start to become annoying, with homing missiles, and unbreakable shields that randomly activate just to halt the fight.

    On the other hand, the game is memorable and has a lot of personality. For robots, Underminer's soldiers have a lot of personality, especially apparent with Claptra- i mean, the second boss.

  4. I loved rise of the underminer… I mean, it could be nostalgia blocking my view. The biggest problem is, you can barely hear the music because of ambient robot destruction. And also, you can't hear any speaking in cutscenes unless you turn the volume up!

  5. I really hated the incredibles videogame. Bad controls, bad graphics even of their time, the characters never shut up, the combat is bland, most of the levels are unfairly difficult for no reason, and the enemies are just the same enemies over and over again. Not to mention the numerous amount of deaths because of the hard ass difficulty. I rage quit on levels like the burning apartment level, the Dash levels, Finding Mr. Incredible, Violet's crossing, the force field ball level, The Secret Lava Labs, and The Rocket Silo because of their god forsaken difficulty. The game is the worst Pixar game I've ever played, even worse than Bugs Life the game and Mater National. Rise of the Underminer fixed the problems with the first game and did a lot of things right, basically the opposite of what the first game did. And unlike the first game, you actually get to fight the main villain.

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