The Road To Hades | Terrible Indie Horror Game | PC Gameplay

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The Road To Hades is paved with bugs, glitches and performance issues. If it weren’t, this wouldn’t be so terrible.

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It is a horror adventure made of oriental myths and art.
You must guide the dead girl safely.
I invite you to a world full of horrifying creatures and amazing scenes.
New beauty and horror await you now.

– There is no repeat playback pattern.
– Narrow indoor and outdoor areas greatly increase psychological depression.
– It is full of original works that did not exist before.
– Real-time playback story, not typing or video (very suitable for VR playback).

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36 Comments on “The Road To Hades | Terrible Indie Horror Game | PC Gameplay”

  1. To be honest, didn´t think it´s that bad! At least compared to other free games you found good. But I guess I just get scared more easier. It´s just the VR-port and the price that makes it how it is…
    REALLY hope the devs will fix it and not drop it like a hot potatoe, considering how much work probably was involved in making it.

  2. You’re always a very dry, sarcastic humor type of person… but when you were walking through the mummies head banging and you started raving with them I legit almost pissed my pants. I rewatched that part more times than I’d like to admit. xD

  3. I'm sorry that you had such a hard time with this game. As a viewer of you playing the game, I would say it was pretty cool, nice looking, and creepy ambiance. Not terrible for us at all. Anyway, thanks for it.

  4. The walking animation is stiff the character’s posture is funny too as if they’re walking with their arms out like a mummy. It reminds me of the early doom games the way you can see the hands on the screen, wonder how it would look in VR. The only thing I really like is the graphics. The game designer has talent though I sure can’t make a game, all it needs is some improvements. I’ve seen worse games than this honestly so you shouldn’t facepalm just yet. 😂

  5. Definitely had some cool visuals, but, wow, glitchy – does not make for a fun playthrough. Have to admit, I was really curious about it after seeing your Facebook post. Thanks (?) for suffering through it anyway. ;o)

  6. Developer needs to learn more coding and execution in Unreal engine. But to be honest I find it quite impressive considering he had built this (if his twitter messages can be thought as evidence of development timeline) in 4 months; I also find it very bold to try to sell this game from that amount of money as well.

    Still, it was an educational experience for people like us who are budding game developers. Thanks, Chris!

  7. Oh my god, my browser crashed while trying to write a comment about this game. What a spooky coincidence, or was it!?
    Your jaded tone is better than anything in the game, Super Great Friend has a series where he plays terrible games, it's really quite addictive to watch someone suffer.

  8. I like when Youtube Gamers play the games that aren't that great. I think it can help out game developers/designers more than when U just play the popular games. Plus U R really good @ giving feedback, U don't just say what is bad but point out the parts that R done well. U make feedback that is helpful & not just criticising.

  9. The devs : " 'The Road to Hades', cleary we need a japanese setting."
    Well, the symbol behind the dead Crow is the Human Transmutation Circle from Fullmetal Alchemist.
    That sort of 3 parts tao/yin-yang looking thing is a Tomoe. In this version probably the Mitsu Tomoe, which is the shinto trinity symbol (Man, Earth, and Sky) .
    It was also a symbol of the wealthiest family in the Ryukyu Kingdom. Also sometimes regarded as the ciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiircle of life (sorry :D) by some shinto sects.

  10. I've been wanting to see this since you commented about it on Facebook so thank you for posting it; despite all the glitches and what not. You're an awesome Let's Player and can't wait to see your next video. Have a great weekend. Cheers!

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