THE WALKING DEAD Telltale Season 4 Teaser Trailer (2018) PS4/Xbox One/PC

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THE WALKING DEAD Telltale Season 4 Teaser Trailer (2018) PS4/Xbox One/PC

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42 Comments on “THE WALKING DEAD Telltale Season 4 Teaser Trailer (2018) PS4/Xbox One/PC”

  1. Why can't ut have episode 5 and so on?..I mean,the story or gameplay could get longer than season 4 upto season 8 and up or something like that…I don't want it to end in the season 4..I just want it to get going and wish that ep.5 could be trueee 🙁

  2. I was one of the people who left alone in season two I just couldn’t forgive Jane she hid the baby left me behind in the car and i didn’t have to kill Kenny

    And I can wait for the next season

  3. the walking dead is great game.
    when i play first part, i thinked that most important character Lee, now i see that main character is Clementime. EE, i remember when i played the walking dead in 2013, when i finished game, i thinked that creaitor will cant repeat this interestings in second season, but they could. In 3 chapter it wasnt in so much interesting, but i believe that 4 season will be great like 1

  4. What a crock of sht. Tell Tale games only gives the illusion free choice. No matter how how hard i tried to save Kenny Tell Tale found a way to kill him off. I really hope they bring Kenny back somehow, like they the way the tv series brought back Glen after it seemed that he was eaten by a hored of Zombies. However im still going to slay the sht out of this game.

  5. the 3rd installment was a mountain of gay poo fag shit. it was about a bunch of friggin beaners who were just shoved in there and had nothing to do with the characters and stuff from preceding installments. they killed kenny off for good and there was practically no clem stuff. fucking ripoff. the 4th one had better be one hell of an asskissing, kowtowing, spinelessly toadying great grandpappy of an apology that more than makes up for that load of shit that was supposed to pass for the 3rd installment. not to mention that they took holy for fucking ever to finally get it done. any longer and id start to think hl3 would come along first

  6. Does anyone else want there to be more references from the previous games? I know she should put the past behind her and move on, but I would like a scene where the people she's lost tell her to push forward and not give up despite all the hell she's been through

  7. I know this is kind of Bias but anything they release after this I probably won’t really care for since it’s not the Walking Dead. It’s kind of a stuck up view but I’m dead serious. Depressed this is the last season.

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