The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt PC Game Review – RPG Heaven?

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Thanks so much for watching! I really enjoyed putting this together, and I’d love to hear what…

11 Comments on “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt PC Game Review – RPG Heaven?”

  1. Yeah I have not played such a good RPG since Baldur's Gate 2. BG2 also had a great story, great side quests, great characters, and a big beautiful world. Only combat could be awkward as there was a lot of pausing to give orders to your party.

  2. Best damn RPG ever.(Except Baldur's Gate? Hmm? MIght have to give that one a pass. For the time it was absolutely sensational.)
    I spent over 100 hours in Skyrim but the Witcher 3 blew me away.
    Best Game Ever.
    Luv and Peace.

  3. I found this video by looking up reviews. And I didnt notice untill the end of the video ( when I looked at your channel ) that your channel isnt big or has allot of subscribers. I dont get it because this is one of the best review videos I have ever seen. Good job man!

  4. What an awesome review! For a very small channel this video was put together like a pro. Only faults I have is background music cold have been a tad quieter!

    I think I shall pick the GOTY edition up in the steam sale, £18 for all the DLC etc!

  5. this was almost unwatchable to do to whatever weird sound issues you were having. you got super duper quiet repeatedly through this vid. i even checked a couple other vids to make sure it wasn't an issue on my end.

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