Top 10 Hack & Slash PC Games

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Check out my Top 10 Hack & Slash Pc Games of 2017

10 Best hack and slash PC Games.

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00:41 #10: “Killer is Dead”
01:41 #9: “Ninja Blade”
02:35 #8: “Blades of Time”
03:25 #7: “Dynasty Warriors 8”
04:30 #6: “Onimusha 3 ”
05:38 #5: “Castlevania 2”
06:32 #4: “Metal Gear Rising”

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23 Comments on “Top 10 Hack & Slash PC Games”

  1. #5 05:38 is Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, not Castlevania 2, and Lords of Shadow 2 is much better.
    #3 07:10 …Darksiders 2 is much better than DS1.
    #1 09:06 …Prince of Persia doesn't even belong on this list, it's a platformer with the worst action I've seen in the last 2 decades.

  2. DmC reboot is the burliest GOWclone/HackNslash game in recent memory. Hyper light Drifter takes pimp skills to fuck shit up. Kingdoms Of Amalar is SkyRiM with GOW action mechanics, and Diablo loot system. Really good, if you don't mind dated graphics. Valdis Story is a oldschool 2d Castlevania with better graphics. Guacemele, and Shovel Knight are new, Old shcool 2d hacknslash/beatemup. Fun! FAr CRy Primal, first person RPG hack N slash. Just a few recommends, you nerdy bitches.

  3. jeez….. dyu even kno the diffrence btween metal gear rising and prince of persia??? ur video ws awesm but dude p.o.p. is no match fr metal gear rising nd u ranked it 4 ranks up…

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