Top 25 NEW Upcoming PC Games of 2017-2018

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Presenting our most anticipated PC video games coming soon this 2017-18. These are the most hyped games that have been announced on or before E3 2017. Support this channel by getting these games on Amazon through the links below:
* Assassin’s Creed Origins
* Call of Duty: WWII
* Code Vein
* Dragon Ball FighterZ
* Destiny 2
* Far Cry 5
* Middle-earth: Shadow of War
* Ori And the Will of the Wisps
* South Park: The Fractured But Whole
* Star Wars: Battlefront II
* The Evil Within 2
* Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

Hundreds of games are coming to the PC and we couldn’t list all of them so we picked the 25 most anticipated titles that we believe will be the talk of the gaming world during their releases. The ranking is…

23 Comments on “Top 25 NEW Upcoming PC Games of 2017-2018”

  1. god i fucking hate franchises, how hard is it for a company to have some balls and do something different for once. im sick and tired of having to play crowd funded indie budget games just to experience something new. yano what else, fuck open world games! they may be free, but there free and empty same old shit on a different setting. gaming is so boring these days.

  2. this kind of looks like a shit show. A lot of these franchises and companies have been making shit games. CD Project RED and Arkane studios are the only studios I trust to make something compelling that an adult could really enjoy.

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