Top 5 Most Absurd Ace Attorney Moments – Turnabout Randon

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Ace Attorney can have some weird moments. Here 5 of the weirdest.

Bird Murder Case Article:

Challengers Approaching:

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38 Comments on “Top 5 Most Absurd Ace Attorney Moments – Turnabout Randon”

  1. How to make Ace Attorney Trilogy:
    1. Make sure you say to the real killer that he/she did it only to steal your evidence.
    2. The defense team must be abused by the Prosecutors.
    3. Always kidnap and frame Maya Fey.

  2. Meh. The parrot wasn't absurd at all. At least it could talk and provide information unlike the orca… Still don't know how people don't manage to point of Fransika's whipping as the most absurd thing… Bunny ear lawyers are a thing in real life and are accepted (if only tolerated to a lesser degree) but she literally whips the witnesses, her opponent, and even the fucking Judge himself! Assault is a real crime that she was never punished for in the slightest bit… like any Judge would really put up with her.

  3. Okay people gonna hate me. But in my defense using parrot is absurd but not really. I yu well for Polly they able to mimic what has to say as an reminder for yogi pass

  4. I wonder, and this is only just a thought!
    If you play any Professor Layton games, would a countdown about your favorite Puzzles be possible? I love the games so I thought it would be a nice idea, I understand if it's not your taste though. ๐Ÿ˜…

  5. Oh, did you know that parrots have ACTUALLY BEEN WITNESSES in real court cases?

    No, I am not kidding. That is actually one of the more believable, if still strange, parts of Phoenix Wright games.

  6. Don't doubt the powers of birds. I had a parrot that could mimic almost any sound, he would often mimic the sounds of our cell phones with startling accuracy. I can't tell you how many times I've checked my phone to discover it wasn't ringing.

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