Toronto Raptors vs Detroit Pistons – Full Game Highlights | March 7, 2018 | NBA Season 2017-18

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Toronto Raptors vs Detroit Pistons – Full Game Highlights | March 7, 3/7

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44 Comments on “Toronto Raptors vs Detroit Pistons – Full Game Highlights | March 7, 2018 | NBA Season 2017-18”

  1. This is hard to watch being a lifelong Detroit fan. Where's the assists? Why are we relying so much on calls from refs?

    What happened?

    Warm up for first round of the playoffs or hopefully they bring in someone to support Gundy.

  2. This is the best NBA season since the 90s. Finally the league is returning to Jordan era's level. Lots of great teams and great games. Playoffs gonna be insane this year. Warriors, Celtics, Raps, Cavs, Rockets, OKC, Wolves, Spurs, Pels, Blazers, Bucks, Wizards, 76ers. 13 strong teams! Lakers, Knicks and Pistons are also strong, but won't make post-season.

  3. That play by DeGoat drawing 4 Defenders and then passing the ball to Wanfleet with the execution tho!
    Man i feel bad for my unborn son who wont have a chance to watch a game like this.
    Btw props to Detroit for that hustle!

  4. that no. 33 guy guarding DeRozan less 20sec to go, after DeRozan shot the ball was no defense made at all but but just staring on the ball going to the basket. not a good reaction. he should have instinct to go for a rebound or stop DeRozan to get a follow up.
    piston will not make it to the playoff.

  5. What do raptors fans expect? For us to annoint them the best thing since sliced bread? Y'all gotta understand that yes y'all successfully changed y'all's style from last year and y'all play hard I'll give y'all that. But the reason ppl doubt (myself included) is because y'all play in the east…it's hard to take half your wins serious. Perfect example…y'all struggles against the Pistons and barely won in OT. Beating a western Conference team in a 7 game series is difficult. Y'all are lucky you only have to do it once…good luck getting thru Celtics or Cavs first.

  6. blakes back to allstar/superstar status, usin muscle&hustle in the key and running the point/pf. like to see him in the post more though and kickin the ball out to the wings if he don't have the shot but dang what a great game considering this waz the raps cause raps have more weapons.

  7. this game was amazing! That was candidate for DOTY

    and side note: finally Normal powell playing good, hopefully he stays like this for the rest of the season + playoffs

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