Traffic attorney explains how to beat a traffic ticket in traffic court

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Virginia Traffic Attorney explains how to beat a traffic ticket. For more information on beating traffic tickets and information about Virginia traffic laws and traffic court check out:
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6 Comments on “Traffic attorney explains how to beat a traffic ticket in traffic court”

  1. Hello, I have a trial in about 3 weeks. Its a running a stop sign ticket. I was wondering if you can help with the mitigating evidence. My defense is that the limit line was faded. I have pictures of the limit line from different angles and they are indeed faded. I want to know how I should prepare for trial. Should I bring this up during trial or during sentencing? An will this defense work in my favor.

  2. hi boss I have a trial on 12/13/16 in NJ, I was pull over for driving while suspended but I received the DMV letter 4 days after I was pulled over, I when to court and told the judge but he wouldn't listen because the DMv envelope doesn't have the post office stamp on it, he insisted to tell him if i was gilty or not, I told him I can't plea guilty for something I didn't know so he gave a trial date listed above. my question is what are my odds by going by myself since I cannot afford an attorney.
    thank you in advance.

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