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  1. I've been playing this game for a while now and I have a question. Sometimes, I will accidentally cut a corner by a very small amount and then a read timer value appears under my current lap time. As a result if I finish the race in let's say, 4th place. Then the game says I actually got 17th place or sometimes even last place. It's happened to me multiple times and I know it has to do with cutting corners but then how can you reverse the penalty? Otherwise if it happens then you're just screwed and can't get first place no matter what. Anyone have any ideas?

  2. By far the stupidest review I think I've ever watched! Half of everything you say makes no sense. You say you have played racing games your whole life? Yet you use the racing and braking lines. And play like this is the first ever racing game you have played. Shows me you literally have no skill in gaming, so maybe only review something your good at?

  3. Rossi does race at misano with some of the academy riders, also the rally things is realistic with that your just thrown into it as that's what happens in really life

  4. I think the graphics have improved slightly. The onboard camera is now much more playable too in my opinion. I feel disappointed by the lack of pit garages and the feel of taking part in a MotoGP weekend. Also not fussed about the Valentino Rossi content but then I got it for £21 on PC which is about what it's worth.

  5. Moto gp 2 on the Xbox was the best racing game I've played yet somehow milestone games, even with the excellent graphics just feel arcade like. Even capcom made a better effort.

  6. tbh physics have improved and the colors are much better, but still i feel like the xbox 360 motogp 07 looks better than this, which is really a Statement how Bad the engine is that Milestone is using

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