18 Comments on “Velocity: Xbox 360 Modding Tool (OUTDATED) ***New Video Linked BELOW***”

  1. Thanks for the feedback my dudes. to answer some questions, no this cannot be reversed, if Qtcore4.dll is missing then google it and download it, if more than Qtcore4.dll is not missing turn off any anti virus, there is a chance your xbox account could get suspended for 2 weeks by doing this… I would not recommend doing it again if you get suspended…. changing the gamer tag will corrupt your profile and does not work, so dont do it please. Thanks again, if this helps reply and let me know…

  2. Can I reunlock achievments that got reseted by microsoft because I did something stupid and got all my xbox360 achievments reset and suspended for 2 weeks ( don't feel like explaining) but can I reunlock the all the achievements that got reset? Thanks.

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