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  1. 2k fucked this game up with way to many touchy moves and nearly impossible reversals and not even attempting to stop hackers and glitches or even try to fix any of the exploits

  2. I have Purchased, Playes, and beat the game and Collected all 42 Trophies. Let me tell you sumthin. If your a Hardcore Wrestling Fan, and you love Wrestling, and would enjoy reliving legendary and classic momants in Wrestling… LOL JUST BUY s Wrestling DVD', Watch Them on Youtube, or Purchase a Subscription to the WWE Network and watch them for yourself! Do not Attempt to relive them through a WWE Videogame. Speaking from Personal Experiance that is just Stupid. I'm a Wrestling fan so I watch Wrestling. I buy Wrestling games for The GAMING Experiance bcuz I'm a GAMER and I just happen to be a Wrestling fan as well.,Not to relive momants that I can easily relive through DVD's. WTF? That's STUPID! WWE 2k14  was an absolute failure lol. I don't even consider 30 years of Wrestlemania to be a Story Mode. The same Lazy Graphics with the same repetitive gameplay experiance and Online gameplay experiance is Even WORSE. LOL I Gave the game a 5 out of 10 Review on Gamespot on my account for those of you who wanna read it. go to my page PlatinumXGamer and read my review as to way WWE 2k14 is a Disaster

  3. the kick out system in this game is friggin ridiculous, i think they should go back to the button mashing version, this current ish that they got going will make you flip the F out when

  4. where are all the divas in the game? how the hell you have lita but leave out trish? what sense does that make? where is tamina, alicia fox and the funkadactyls? not only do the divas get disrepsected in the wwe but they also get disrespected by game creaters. if you're going to make a game don't do a half ass job. i honestly think the retro superstars are a waste. whats the point of having two chris jericho's or two hbk's? if they were going to do that they could have used the retros as a attire select. fucking stupid! where are the usos by the way?

  5. You spent a bit too much time on the Undertaker Streak Mode. Would have liked you to cover the Creation suite in a bit more detail.

    What about a Story Creator/Story Editor Mode? Does WWE 2k14 still have one?

    Otherwise, a nicely done video review!

  6. Streak Mode is what I expected. I knew it was going to be a gauntlet/slobber knocker style mode because some of the guys he beat aren't even in the game. Jake is DLC but even then, You don't even see Giant Gonzalez or Sid's name mentioned in the victims list. I love it tbh. Defeat the Streak I feel is the PERFECT practice for Ranked Matches on Xbox Live/PSN. My gripes with 2K14 is there's a CAW glitch where if you use custom songs, it messes up the audio and also, I have to restart the game.

  7. the fucking ref is always in the camera before wrestlers , it pisses me off
    , mania 11 , diesel is wrestling with his VEST ??? HBK has not the right outfit plus , instant mania are forgotten in warrior hogan and slaughter matchs , it sucks, lack of videos compared to legends of mania , laggs and latence with buttons ..

  8. And the streak mode when u do it does automatically go to the arenas of the opponents he faced. U have to unlock em first. And its kinda easy to beat Taker. I beat him in 7 wit Batista, 10 wit HBK, 11 wit Kane and 14 wit Diesel

  9. for me i really love the fact that undertaker is really challenging. It was a blast for me even losing to the undertaker like 10 times in a row. i love the fact that he has all this crazy comeback moments like sometimes when you pin him he will get you in hell's gate or grabs you and gets up and chokeslams you.

  10. at first i really thought that defend the streak would be how you said. How you go through only the wrestlers he has beaten at wrestlemania. that would have been less dissapointing.

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