Xbox 360 Kinect Review and Roundup

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Kinect Review and Roundup – We bring you our full review of the new Kinect for Xbox 360. In this…

20 Comments on “Xbox 360 Kinect Review and Roundup”

  1. i like it but you need lots of space but now theres a xoom for ppl with less space, i just havnt gotten it yet, as for using the kinect to navigate either on the dashboard or the games, well lets just say its a pain in the ass, but its pretty cool you can tell the xbox to close the tray and stuff like that, still prefer xbox over any other consoles

  2. @panchot8 what do you mean wifi is about internet what does that have to do with kinect "not trying to be rude i just don't understand " if you could explain maybe i could give you your answer

  3. @weezmurda it's funny how xbox fan-boys never know what they are talking about they just shit all over nintendo , sony and pc because they just don't know anything about them or their games

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