XCOM 2 Top 10 Tips

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XCOM 2 Top 10 Tips will hopefully be able to give you some tip, hints and insight into ten things that should be able to get your game rolling smoothly with minimal spoilers.
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36 Comments on “XCOM 2 Top 10 Tips”

  1. I would insist on getting magnetic weapons first, not armor. Killing the all the enemies before your turn ends is how you succeed in this game, not by having extra HP for when you get shot. Don't get shot. Taking one hit can end the entire campaign when one soldier gets stabbed unconscious for only 2 damage, thus panicking two of your squad members, thus giving the aliens another free turn, thus getting your troops killed, thus forcing you to take more ineffective rookies on subsequent mission, thus resulting in mission failure, thus resulting in campaign failure. Taking cover and hoping for the best is NOT a good way to play this game, Moving to get the best shots possible and murdering the shit out of the Aliens is. Advanced grenade launchers + Sniper on the high ground for 100% hit chances, + early shard guns for 10 damage flanking crits, combat protocol, grenades, grenades, GRENADES. Your soldiers can have 1 HP and it wouldn't matter if you know how to kill advent scum. And yes, this is the way to go on EVERY difficulty.

  2. Yeah, this helped alot. I'm using my grenades wrong. And I'm over-prioritizing the proving grounds as well as the damn project tracker. Still need more help with concealment though. Somebody point me to the right video, please.

  3. Man, wish I'd watched this video before I started playing. Took me AGES to get the Guerilla School because I went for the Advanced Warfare Center first (the "random bonus skills on level-up" bit was just too tempting, and has admittedly paid off rather well, like a Ranger with Hail of Bullets and a Grenadier with Untouchable), but then I had to build a bunch of other stuff (Proving Grounds, another Power Relay, Resistance Comms etc) so it took me AGES to get around to it. It's also good to know that I don't have to panic about the Avatar Project, especially after I fluffed a Guerilla Ops mission which would have removed 2 points of completion on it (I saw a Skulljack of opportunity during it and went for it, unaware that it would spawn a Codex, which fucked me up so badly that I got bogged down in dealing with it and failed to reach the objective in time), meaning the project was 1 unit from completion before I even raided my first blacksite.

  4. This is probably just me, but to tell who's who I create colors for each rank to help me tell who I should get to accomplish tasks. Rk= Orange, Sq=Yellow, Cl=Purple, Srg=Red, Li=Green, and Cp=Black.

  5. I feel like all these tips are irrelevant when you get a beserker queen appear and 1 shot an entire squad cause it can move like 6 times in 1 turn. Also you want to keep the avatar project tracker low because when its high enemies get additional health/armor and deal more damage. Even their tactics become harder to deal with basic troops will start using grenades etc.

  6. Tip from me after ending the game on normal with only two dead men "grenades, grenades, grenades, mimic grenade, grenades, frost grenades, stun grenades….." FIRST BUILDING YOU SHOULD BUILD ASAP is Guerilla tactics school.

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