Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles Review “Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?”

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45 Comments on “Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles Review “Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?””

  1. It would have been nice if they had included dungeons or something with combat and treasure, kind of like Stardew Valley. And romance.
    Actually, they should have just made Stardew Valley 3D. That would have been freakin' awesome.

  2. The game has two problems, one characters look like crap almost literally, and the worst thing is not having combat, what leads to "cheap game". Sadly won't play it. I can play a mmorpg for this.

  3. lack of voice acting, the world is too big it feel empty, there is no challege (except if you consider collecting sprite as challenge), the story is lacking, the crafting and farming are lacking as well.

    The good point is the sprite are cute, the world is beautiful, the light in object is great, the animal are cute (my favorite is buffalo like animal)

  4. The problem with many exploration titles, is that they forget that exploration is only fun when there's a chance that you are going to find something really cool. That could be an amazing item or a breathtaking vista, but it isn't one more empty tunnel or routine crafting item.

  5. I played it for about 10 or more minutes before shelving it. My reason? The same reason why the traiers don't use game play footage and keep the camera FAR back from the characters. The models don't appear to have any significant effort put into them.

  6. This game feels very lacking, the only point you won't hear me complain is the solid framerate and the sounds direction.

    The artwork has issues, especially the shadows and the normal mapping , the animation is okay at best, the quests are far too simple and I can't even find the real farming aspect.

  7. While I prefer puzzles, challenges and enemies to fight in Open World games the graphics/visuals look great. Not dark enough for this Open World gamer but seeing this review I like that it has a good varied Open World. I Dont think that I will buy it though. Great review once again in any case.

  8. Dont buy this game. It's really fucking boring. it's entertaining for 2-3 hours but then it just feels so tedious to do the quests. It stops being fun and starts being "do this quest and try to find these fairies." 6/10 at best

    The money from farming elements flop as you get everything you need running from A to B so all "fun farming" and crafting elements are a waste of time & do nothing but complete an achievement.

  9. I love how you tell people to give a thumbs down when they don't like your video. That for me is an extra proof that you are concerned with the quality of your videos and not try to persuade people to rate you positively for no reason, as many other channels like to do.

  10. I was assuming this game would be a simple play-through when I bought it but I'm finding that the more I play, the more there are things that surprise me. Lots of detail went into the game and there are some easter eggs to be found as well, plus it's definitely a challenge to find things without looking for answers online if you're motivated to see the game to total completion. Obvs not for everyone but it's definitely not a horrible game, and it's really not a terrible LoZ knockoff ( otherwise every cartoony, open-world adventure game has to be a LoZ knockoff, get real.)

  11. To any potential buyers; the developers are actively banning anyone from the forums who says ANYTHING negative about this game. This is disgusting behavior on their part. Steer clear of this game.

  12. Well, devs are deleting negative posts left and right and automatically perma banning those posters on the Steam forums. I was one of them. My post: "Farms are nothing like Stardew Valley. In fact, comparing this game to Stardew Valley was a complete lie.

    Farming is just an auto resource collecting system. Place it and you're done. There's also very little amount of things to place on the farm when compared to Stardew Valley. There is absolutely no farm house nor marriage options like in Stardew Valley."

    Perma banned.

    When I tried to refute it, I got this response from a dev.

    Tart Wand, "We had 6 reports between a few of your comments from the community. They were reporting that the tone was overtly negative for someone who does not even own the game."

    They're taking the word of individuals that fanatically defend their game as absolute truth. Fanbots cannot handle criticism at all because it goes against their precious. These devs are a joke. Don't support them one bit!

  13. So what do you actually do in Yonder? You say there is crafting and fishing but what's the point of the game, what will we end up doing 90% of the time and why?

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